What is DrinkBot?

DrinkBot is a smart water bottle. Why is it called smart? Because it adds a smartness over your regular water bottles. With the help of the smart bot, DrinkBot GLOW reminds you to drink water and staying hydrated throughout your day. Imagine having a friend who consistently reminds you to drink up and take care of your well-being.  

DrinkBot GLOW is our entry product and is the first among many in future. We are passionate about keeping you hydrated and refreshed with our diverse range of BPA-free, eco-friendly, and durable products. Join us in our mission to hydrate better, live healthier, and protect the environment. Cheers to a brighter, thirst-quenching future!

At Drinkbot, we are passionate about one thing – keeping you hydrated and refreshed! Our online store is your one-stop destination for all your water bottle needs. We believe that staying hydrated shouldn’t be a hassle, but rather a delightful and convenient experience.

Why are we building DrinkBot?

A healthy and fit looking Senior Manager from a big MNC (where our Founder used to work) was admitted to the hospital at midnight due to unbearable pain in the stomach. It was a kidney stone. The next week when he joined office, a small handwritten note was pasted on his desk. “Papa, whenever you see this – Drink Water!!”

That’s when we decided to build a system which will help people in drinking adequate water and saving themselves from loss of health and money. DrinkBot is just the start….


For you and your family.

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